Food therapy

Using our knowledge and understanding of TCM properties of food, we are able to help recommend foods that will work hand in hand with the medical treatment your pet is receiving, to bring your pet’s health into balance in the long-term. For pet parents who want to get involved in cooking, we have resources that help formulate a balanced recipe to feed your pet.

For example, seaweed or kelp has cooling, damp-draining and softening properties, and can be useful for pets which have hot, hard and painful masses on their body. Black beans, an ingredient usually unheard of being added to a pet food, in small amounts, can be beneficial to a pet that has anemia and showing signs of dryness, usually in geriatric patients, and helps to protect the kidneys.

It is our firm belief that a good nutrition is the foundation of good health. As most people often want to know what is the best diet for their pet, you can be assured we only have your the best intention for your pet’s health, as we are usually not recommending that you buy any certain prescription diets off us. Every pet is different as to what are the foods that is good for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

I do not have the time to cook fresh meals for my pet every day, how will I be able to give my pet what you recommend?

We usually recommend that you cook batches of food, perhaps every two weeks. This way, you can prepare the pet food on a weekend, and store the food in daily portions. Keep the rest frozen and only thaw by portion the night before.

As I do not cook or step into my kitchen much, what kinds of food should I give my pet?

There are still plenty of options such as canned food, frozen cooked foods, dehydrated raw or cooked foods that you can purchase, that we can make our recommendations around. We help you choose what is best based on your current lifestyle.

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