Palliative and Hospice Care

The following may apply to you and your pet:

  1. Your pet has been diagnosed with a terminal illness
  2. Your pet has been suffering from a chronic illness and is slowly getting worse
  3. You have tried curative treatments for your pet but they have failed
  4. You were given options for more invasive treatment procedures for your pet but you declined any treatment that involves more pain and/or side effects.

At Vet On Wheels, we aim to provide a caring environment to support you and your pet’s physical and emotional needs, especially in the face of terminal and chronic illnesses. We focus on improving quality of life through improving the comfort of your pet at the end of life.

Our service includes:

  • personalized care for pets including pain control and physical comfort using different modalities
  • provision of support and education to pet owners on the medical care for their animals

In doing so, we hope to give time to the family to adjust to their pet’s progressive disease process, and for them to be able to say goodbye in a gentler way. We want pet parents to know that we are here to support them to explore various ways to help keep their pet’s last days comfortable and peaceful, and are open to discussion on alternative therapies they might be willing to try.

To understand more about palliative and hospice care, you can have a read here.