Transport with oxygen

There may be times that your pets go into respiratory distress. Conditions this can be common for include heart disease, having air or water in the pleural sac lining the lung (pneumothorax/ pleural effusion), or having water in the lungs (pneumonia).

Our mobile service allows your pet to be provided with oxygen in a modified oxygen cage, so that your pet in respiratory distress may be transported to a 24 hour hospital for monitoring and further diagnostics.

We are offering this service, as we have seen many pets with respiratory distress who lost their lives while traveling to a 24-hour hospital.

Contact us at 8870 6630 for pricing and more details. Please understand that our primary function is not that of a full-serviced pet ambulance, hence our transport with oxygen service is subject to availability and not 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take any precautions for my pet before or during the ride?

We can take the following precautions:

  1. Place an intravenous catheter for your pet (subject to pet’s condition)
  2. If possible, have a nurse to monitor your pet’s condition in the van. We do baseline readings of heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature, capillary refill time, and pass these information over to the referral clinic when we arrive.
  3. Give a mild injectable sedative, only if absolutely necessary and with informed consent from pet owner.
Do you take all pets for the transport service?

We only take pets who need oxygen to travel between homes and clinics. All other pet emergencies may be better suited to be transported immediately to the nearest vet clinic or hospital, as our transport service is not on standby all the time.

Are you able to resuscitate my pet if it collapses during the ride to the hospital

At this moment, we do not have the facilities for placing an endotracheal tube in your pet and connecting it to a breathing circuit, so full resuscitation may be difficult.

Can you ensure that my pet will survive the journey to the vet hospital?

We are unable to guarantee that we can keep your pet alive for the trip on our mobile van, and cannot take responsibility if your pet’s condition worsens during the short travel. We strive to drive safely and deliver your pet under the best conditions to the vet hospital of your choice.

Can I ride along with my pet?

Our mobile van is not equipped to carry passengers safely at the back of our van. We can carry up to one passenger in the front, but any pet owners who need to be with their pet are subject to request and circumstances.