Will my pet sit still for Acupuncture?

“Will my pet sit still for acupuncture?”
We get asked this a lot, and while every dog is different, we ask that pet owners give their dog a chance, to try a session of acupuncture if it can help their pet, regardless of age or activity level. Most pets WILL sit when carried appropriately for the procedure.

We posted on our Facebook page recently on how we did an acupuncture session on a beautiful poodle called Buffy, after she encountered some severe bloody diarrhea and vomiting the day before. Acupuncture, in her case, was being used to balance her digestive functions and return her digestion to a normal state more quickly. She was also on conventional medication of course, as that helped stabilize her condition and was necessary to giving her relief from vomiting and diarrhoea immediately.

It was Buffy’s second acupuncture experience with us, as she already had an earlier bout of digestive upset less than two months ago. She showed mostly curiosity, and turned back a few times to sniff at her back end. Buffy’s mummy was initially concerned as well as to how Buffy would respond to having needles in her back, but by our second session, her apprehension and fears were allayed. Her mummy held her like a professional and Buffy quietly stayed in her mummy’s arms for 10minutes. 

(The acupuncture video on Buffy can be found on our Facebook and Instagram page)

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